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Lighting Fast Monitors

Don’t miss out on a single restock or shockdrop ever again. We provide all of our members with the UK’s/EU's top most reliable monitors so you can purchase the latest sneaker releases and item flips before anyone else. We currently monitor over 250+ sites!
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Worldwide Raffle Monitor

500+ Raffle sites tracked daily so the moment any raffle goes live for a sneaker it will ping you with direct links and extra information. Proven by SwiftNotify members entering multiple raffles that ping you can increase your chances a lot more for when it comes to getting multiples of the same sneaker. In Store, Instagram, And Online Raffles All Supported.
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Release Information

Every single profitable sneaker or Item flip release we provide all of our members with the following; Resell predictions, Early info, Early Links, Guides, Sitelists, Stock Levels/Numbers and more!
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Item Flips

Throughout every single month we will post low-key item flips that are profitable and exclusive to SwiftNotify. Item flips we find will either be online or instore and we have restock monitors to support both. Item flips are a great way to make some extra cash, if you start reselling item flips and sneakers you'll see much better overall profit being made.
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Hold Or Sell

We have a very professional provider with 6 years of experience in sneaker reselling that will analyse every weeks most important releases trying to predict the trend of the market and the possibilities of profit or investment, then he'll suggest the various options to you all, directing on how long to hold a shoe or whether to sell it immediately. All Direct links to the sneaker on the marketplaces with recent sale graphs and more are also included.
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Brick Flips

Another extra way to make some more cash by flipping sneakers that are bricks. We will give out infomation on which sizes are best to go for and where to sell including direct links, restock pings, guides and more!
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Want to get into botting? Don't know where and how to start? We have experienced staff willing to help you out with any questions and we'll point you in the right direction. We also provide the following; guides, regular proxy partnerships, group buys for bots/scripts, bot market price checker, twitter bot restock/giveaway monitor to notify you when bots are restocking or if you can win a key free of charge & more.
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Legit Checks

If you have sneakers or clothing that needs checking to see if it's authentic or not we have a private ticket service where you can send in a bunch of photos etc and our staff will look into everything very closely and let you know what's right or wrong.
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• Address Changer • Bot Broker Pricing & Download Links • eBay Views + Watcher bot • Fee Calculator • Currency Converter • Gmail Dot Trick • Proxy Scraper • Shoe Size Converter • Zalando Scraper • Snipes Scraper • Adidas Scraper • Footlocker Scraper & more.
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Group Buys/Proxy Partnerships

We have exclusive group buys on bots/software that are sold out, so how it works is a certain amount of keys will get restocked through a private link on their website and we post it in our group as a fcfs release restock, so then our members get bots/software for retail rather than having to pay resell. We also have quite a few proxy providers that we're partnered with so our members special discounts making their botting costs much cheaper.
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Giveaways, Deals +Freebies

Throughout every month we will have multiple small and big giveaways to give back to our members, we also have rewards that can be earnt through different ways. Deals and freebies will also be posted throughout every month on all different things; Items, Clothing, Food, Discount codes, Vouchers, Ebay max fee offers, price errors and loads more!
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We have the best community you could possibly ask for. staff are always around and active and happy to help. All of our members get along very well plenty of friendships have been made even our members are happy to help and answer questions we all cook and help each other together. Our chats are also monitored by staff and we have rules set in place so nothing gets out of hand and chats stay clean we're a non-toxic community.
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NFT Flips

Daily schedule of upcoming drops; ETH, SOL, VeVe, NiftyGateway, OpenSea, Polygon, TopShot, Blockchain gaming, generative art, NFT art, NFT sports, NFT collectibles, Metaverse, and more! • Real time alerts on regular and stealth drops • Raffle and Presale information to get whitelisted on time • Analysis on each drop with proper recommendation • Daily news on NFT and Crypto • General strategy and NFT in depth beginner guide.
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Instore Infomation

We have a bunch of instore staff providers that have connections with backdoors so we can notify our members with the following exclusive information; Scheduled releases/restocks, live pings, stock numbers/sizes available, info when stores are expected to or have received stock & much more. For locations around the UK.
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Nike Backend Monitor

Another insane addition to SwiftNotify that allows our members to buy the latest limited releases/restocks through Nikes backend that includes an ATC built in tool that helps our members secure new sneakers for the personal or resell that are not yet available to the public. And because we're such a limited small group it gives you even more time to checkout so you won't be competing against thousands of people. We also have other nike backend monitors; Nike Early Access, Nike Inactive & more.


Exclusive To SwiftNotify Members, Out Now!
Auto Fill + Auto Check Out ⚡️
•Supreme Module
•Shopify Module
•Kith EU Module
•Stripe Module
•Hyper Module
•Multiple Profiles
•Webhook Settings
•Clean And Easy To Use UI
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